Leadership Training Level Two

Level Two – Breakthrough Leadership Training 2-Day Workshop

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Prerequisite Leadership Level 1

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Training Location: The Club at Rancharra, 6100 Rancharra Pkwy, Reno, Nevada 89511

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Leadership Training Workshop Level 2 – Reno – January 15 & 16 2024

January 15, 2024 @ 8:30 am - January 16, 2024 @ 5:00 pm

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Level 2 – Leadership Training for Managers, Supervisors, & Key Employees

Strengthen Your Leadership Skills Level 2

The 2-Day Leadership Training program is geared towards advancing leadership skills with managers, supervisors and key employees for small to large organizations. Prerequisite to register is completion of Leadership 1.

Leadership Training 2 initial focus is an in-depth review of the practices of the Leadership 1. The program focused on how leaders can best accomplish company goals within their organization through employee workforce engagement. Participants will greatly improve communication skills with co-workers and customers. Learn how to best build and enhance a team by improving Emotional Intelligence. Participants will practice proven ways to strengthen leadership skills and how to optimize performance from the people they lead.

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Leadership Level 2 – DAY 1

Module One


Day 1 – Morning – Module #1 will showcase a review of Leadership 1 training program. Participants revisit the various aspects of leadership. The purpose is to develop a deeper understanding of leadership and its applications and implications to personal and professional life. The program re-introduces an understanding of the different personality and leadership types. How to best work with, and how to best lead others through repetition of best practices. Participants build on the concepts and discoveries  learned in Leadership 1 to have the ability and confidence to be a stronger leader and team member.

Module Expectations:

  • Update on results achieved from Leadership 1.

  • Review and practice learning objectives from Lead 1.

  • Update personal & professional goals.

  • Review of the 4 communication styles and how to best relate to other styles.

  • Exercise effective project management as a team leader using the 9 steps of the process of achievement.

  • Discover the 7 leadership types and when to use each one to best serve your team.

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Module Two


Day 1 – Afternoon – Module #2 will provide participants with a greater ability to evaluate and prioritize what is most important, and provides a system of time spending techniques that encourage success. Clear professional and personal role definition is examined and exercised. How to use the Urgency/Importance Matrix, and how to make effective decisions is practiced.

The program focus is on how to schedule your success by uncovering core values, establishing goals, and setting priorities. Participants develop a time management plan on how to be more effective and efficient.

Module Expectations:

  • Understand and practice a proven process of achievement.

  • Maximize your leadership by understanding who you’re working with.

  • Create personal and professional goals to improve performance.

  • Learn how to motivate your self, and how to motivate other people.

  • Create a positive working environment needed to achieve goals.

  • How to strengthen the relations among members of your team.

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Leadership Level 2 – DAY 2

Module Three & Four


Day 2 – Morning – Module #3 & #4 will focus on Emotional Intelligence. Participants will learn and practice the 4 skill areas of Emotional Intelligence to strengthen leadership in both personal competence and social competence.

The program will also focus on how the aspects of personal awareness, self management, social awareness  and relationship management can assist you to lead more effectively and be a better team member. A greater understanding of how to balance both reason and feeling is examined. Best practices on how to lead yourself and gain the respect of your followers is the core of the program.

Module Expectations:

  • Introduction to Emotional Intelligence as a leader and a team member.

  • Maximize your leadership by understanding how to best relate to others.

  • Identify and define best practices on how to implement Emotional Intelligence in the workplace.

  • Learn  best practices on how to receive and give effective feedback for peer coaching.

  • How to effectively deal with and resolve conflict within a team.

  • How to hold yourself and others accountable to workplace standards.

  • Create a positive working environment needed to achieve  company goals.

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What Breakthrough Students Say…

What Breakthrough Students Say…

Great experience for me. It has taught me quite a few things that I use in my life and at work. It has taught me things on goals and how to achieve them.

Kevin Linderman
Operations President / Q & D Construction

Jeffrey's Breakthrough Leadership training was one of the best classes I've ever taken. His mix of brain-bending activities and huddle sessions were engaging and fun without being intrusive at all. I would recommend this training to anyone who may find themselves in a leadership position or even someone who just needs to work on their communication skills!! 10 out of 10 would recommend!

Rachel Blackburn
Administrative Assistant / Truckee Meadows Community College

Training with Jeffrey was one of the best trainings I’ve participated in yet. Thank you so much for helping me and giving me the tools and techniques to become a better leader now and in the future.

Dan Ferguson
Operations Supervisor / Ormat Technologies

Breakthrough offers a unique way to look at communication styles that we have been taught before, but gives us an opportunity to put it into action.

Danielle Hammons
Business Development Director / American Heart Association

Jeffery’s training techniques in leadership were in depth and creative. His enthusiasm draws you in to be at your best in a management role in your company or running your own business.

Georgia Baker
VP Business Development / Heritage Bank

The training is done in a very straightforward, no-nonsense manner. His methods really make you think about what you want to accomplish, setting the right goals, the importance of teamwork, and how you can have a more confident, successful role in life.

Ben Nelson
Associate / Marcus Millichap

Breakthrough Training was absolutely amazing; I participated in the Leadership Series. Jeffrey made sure that each person was involved, and the exercises we did definitely displayed what each of our strengths and weaknesses were as leaders. It also opened our eyes to communicate better with different styles of communicators.

Ashlee Edgar
Warehouse Supervisor / Small Mine Development

After taking the Leadership series I feel more confident and ready to become a leader. I highly recomend this course and think everyone should take it. You will learn so much about how you work as an individual and how you work with other people.

Kellie Lee
Owner / Kids-N-Arts

I have attended several leadership trainings over the years, and Jeffrey's two-day workshop stands out as among the best I've personally experienced. Participation was required from all individuals. I plan to send other members of my office staff to the workshops.

Dallas Smith
Executive Producer / Healing Healthcare Systems

Jeffrey's Breakthrough Training was an amazing class. He had wonderful activities to teach us how to become better leaders and team members. He also took the time to talk to us one on one if we wanted to discuss a particular situation. I would highly recommend the class.

Anita Enders
Account Manager / LP Insurance

I learned in this class that to become a better leader you have to plan your tasks and set goals, and you need to get everyone on the same team.

Marc Leone
Project Manager / Q & D Construction

I immediately started applying what I learned from the class in life with friends, family and coworkers. It's amazing to learn how to communicate with other people.

Steve Collins
Manager / Lepori Construction

Breakthrough Training was a thought provoking and extremely well managed course which I was very proud to take and complete.  The modules are challenging but fun, effective and teach all sorts of disciplines I continue to employ not only at work but throughout all aspects of daily life.

Jeff Van Dellen
Senior Project Manager / Plenium Builders

His program is engaging, motivating and allows for each individual to find their own leadership style. He brings the whole team together and provides techniques on how to navigate any situation without losing your authenticity. Would highly recommend!

Jessica Langley
Alumni Relations Manager / University of Nevada

Jeff Benjamin has dedicated his career to helping people and their businesses break-through limitations with basic and advanced leadership and personal training. I recommend Jeff Benjamin and Breakthrough Training if you or you company wants to reach the next level in personal and/or corporate development.

Kevin Walsh
Managing Partner / InSource Law

The best leadership course I have attended hands down. I’ve been in leadership throughout my career in different industries and have attended multiple different leadership courses. The difference here is that Jeff takes the time to make it engaging and inclusive. The activities and lessons are tied to real world examples and applicable to different scenarios. If you haven’t found your true inner leader, Jeff and his program will help you identify who that is and get the best out of you.

Jorge Garcia
Operations Manager / Petco

What I learned in this class was goal setting, teamwork, leadership and communication skills. I learned to lead by example.

Scott Wagner
Service Manager / Gardner Engineering

I never really knew about skills for building your team and effective communications. This class has done an excellent job while doing it in a fun environment, not only sitting in a class, but getting you involved.

Aaron Hale
Project Manager / C.C. Meyers

Jeffrey's ability to challenge his clients and colleagues is superb; he is able to make them see their strengths and weaknesses easily through activities. The individual growth, focus and goal setting has been remarkable.

Margie McIntyre
Realtor / Dickson Realty

The communication styles has been a real eye opener in the way people relate to one another in your personal and professional life. I was a great experience for me.

Ashley Taylor
Financial Advisor / New Yok Life

The leadership program has taught me valuable skills in communication and how to be a better leader with my co-workers and my family.

Luke Frey
Manager / PAR Electrical

Jeffrey Benjamin’s training in the best training I have ever attended! I learned how to be a better employee, be the best team player and learned so much of how to be a better me! Highly recommended! I loved the experience!

Helen Scott
Testing Services Manager / Truckee Meadows Community College

Jeffrey’s program is amazing! I recently participated in his two day Leadership Development Training course. I enjoyed his positive attitude and his very amazing ability to quickly assist at personal level and then jump back out to team level so quickly and accurately. It was inspiring to watch him lead a group of 22 people through the concepts of leadership, team building and communication, all while never missing a beat on the individual needs and areas to grow of each person in the group.

Archie Johnson
Utility Design / NV Energy

I was fortunate to be a part of Jeff's leadership training in Reno, NV for two days in November 2018. This was not your typical leadership training - no powerpoint or lectures. Every activity was hands-on and engaging.

Miranda Sanford
Development Officer / Truckee Meadows Parks Foundation

I thought is was going to be like a college course. It wasn't anything like that. It was more about getting involved in teamwork with 25 other people. It really helped me to apply that to both inside and outside of work.

Justin Barnes
Technician / NV Energy

I gained better communication skills and new leadership tools. I really learned how good communication is, not just in my professional life but in my personal life as well.

Allison Swanson
Account Executive / Fox 11 Reno

I really like Jeffrey's training style of interactivity. He is not in front of the class lecturing you. He really gets you involved in the process. I find I learn more that way so I can then take back and it practice in my business.

Spencer Bitz
Realtor / Sierra Nevada Properties

The leadership series has been a great opportunity to return to the basics and really evaluate your interaction in group environments and to improve your communication as a leader.

Jeromy Manke
HR Consultant / Strategic HR Partners

Jeff’s leadership course was one of my top courses I have taken to date. As an eager and developing manager, it was the perfect class for me to hone my skills and techniques at the start of my career. He does a wonderful job to make sure that you put in everything you have to ensure that you walk away with the feeling that you can be better at anything you do.

Red Gayita
Director / Swinerton

Jeffrey puts together a wonderful Leadership program. It assisted me in the further growth of my own career. I would recommend his programs to anybody that is looking to grow in their life and career.

Rick Abend
Branch Manager / Mutual of Omaha Bank

Jeff’s greatest strength is making learning fun, yet challenging, so that everyone is engaged. His content is always rich, but I learned the most from observing how he motivates others. Jeff is a true professional - well organized, confident, approachable and inspiring.

Rachel Yelley
Marketing / Communications Manager / United Construction

This leadership course has provided me with the opportunity to get outside of my comfort zone, to network with multiple agencies, and to be able to distinguish the different personality types and how to address them in a professional manner.

John Feroah
Utility Technician / NV Energy

I recently participated in a session Jeff facilitated for a large group of high-growth entrepreneurs. Jeff's style was engaging, fast-paced, thoughtful and yielded terrific discussions on the disciplines and critical steps associated with successful leadership.

Sue Hesse
CEO / Hesse Partners

It has helped me in my business because I am making better decisions and it has improved my communications with customers. I really feel the course has helped me.

Raquel Martinez
Owner / Total Beauty Salon

This is the best class I have taken to date in my career. I really enjoyed this class from a personal and a professional perspective This class helped me learn and grow in ways I would not have anticipated and I highly recommend this seminar to everyone.

Michelle Harper
Customer Service Supervisor / City of Sparks

When I became a manager for the first time, I felt ill prepared and that I would be lacking leadership skills to be able to manage a team. We were treated as equals and everyone had chances to lead and push ourselves. I am definitely a better leader today because of this class.

Ashlee Disston
Sales Manager / Radisson RED

Just completed Leadership Training with Jeffrey and it was amazing, not what I expected and very educational. Would recommend this to everyone, we are planning on sending all my employees through this plus other Supervisors. Looking forward to taking other Seminars\Training from him.

Dean Sizemore
Service Manager / Tholl Fence

Jeffrey recently lead our Management Team through a business development training course on teamwork, leadership, and communication. The feedback from my Management Team was extremely positive and will most definitely help strengthen our team dynamic.

Bill Brandt
Director of Customer Service / Henry Schein

The two day Breakthrough training was unlike any other training I have been through. Jeffrey gets to know everyone by the end of the first day and uses what he knows about you to customize his training to fit your needs. I felt like I learned more about myself personally and professionally and was able to take the tools I learned from his training and apply them in real life situations.

Devin Miller
Administrative Assistant / Truckee Meadows Community College

I just finished a very great training program lead by Jeffery. It was an amazing two days. Each aspect was engaging and meaningful, with takeaways that I am able to utilize every day. It was definitely time well spent.

Raechelle Bogdon
Controller / McEwin Mining

I expected this class to be a typical leadership class where you are preached to. What this class does is teach you about leadership and how you can apply it in a business or personal setting.

Matt Wagner
Utility Technician / NV Energy

Jeff is very hands on in his training. He makes everyone feel comfortable and confident. He helps you to realize your strengths and weaknesses, then he helps you to work on them. I came away from the 2 day Breakthrough Training with so much insight on myself, how others view me and how I can implement changes that I will use every day in my business and in my personal development.

Shanna Maher
Realtor / Sierra Nevada Properties

Jeff was great at giving actionable items to improve your communication and leadership skills, many of which I have been able to implement on a daily basis in my personal and professional life. I could not recommend Breakthrough Training enough!

Kristin Boreggo
Pre-Construction Manager / Core Construction

By participating in activities we were able to develop a tool list that every leader requires to make their job successful. Thank you!

Andrew Siderius
Manager / Western Nevada Supply

He helped keep me on course between a good business climate into one that was in serious decline. I am able to continue because of the methods, ideas and proceedures Jeffrey helped to develop. He is an excellent coach, motovator and innovator.

David Murakami
Account Director / National Cinemedia

I was skeptical. I’ve done leadership classes in the past. I thought if you’ve been to one you’ve been to them all. I could not have been more wrong. It was an incredible experience.

JJ Perino
Project Estimator / West Coast Contractors

Jeffrey's style of teaching is through example, engaging, out of your chair and interactive. He pushes you beyond your comfort zone and finds leadership connections through things that one normally wouldn't see them interlinking. I highly recommend him and Breakthrough Training!

Michelle Ryburn
Estimator/Project Manager / Briggs Electric

What we learned is that everyone plays a vital role. And as a leader, if we can draw on the strengths of others, we can create excellence.

Staci Nauman
Director of Corporate Support / KNPB Channel 5

Because of the training and insight I have received from Jeff Benjamin, I have been able to enhance communication between my BIM team and the Designers/Engineers that we work alongside on a daily basis. We have a great office dynamic, it was built using the fundamentals that Jeff teaches in his training.

Brenda Glavin
BIM Consultant / OnPoint BIM and Drafting, LLC

In the first hour of leadership training it was obvious to me that Jeffrey has been doing this for a long time. He is very comfortable leading a group and knows how to handle any situation that might arise. I highly recommend Breakthrough Training for not only a leader of a company but to all the employees of a company.

Dave Sinclaire
CEO / CEI Alarm

I've learned a lot of valuable tools that I have been able to apply personally and professionally. One of the greatest ones I have been using is the communication styles to communicate more effectively with coworkers.

Genna Tonneslan
Manager / Quick Space

Jeffrey distinguishes himself with the ability to energize a group of people. Jeffrey's leadership training programs are an asset to any organization or group. He is attentive to detail and has a remarkable way of creating fun at the same.

Buzz Harris
President / WBH Enterprises

By Day 1, Minute 10, the clarity, enthusiasm & sense of purpose that had eluded me for years, started to return. Jeffrey's ability to identify & lead people through mental roadblocks is amazing & his energy, integrity & set of core values permeates everything he does.

Kristi Finney
Office Manager / Aerion Corporation

Jeffrey Benjamin and Breakthrough Training are synonymous with great results. Jeffrey has the innate ability to push clients out of their normal thinking and help them excel towards their chosen goal. I have developed myself into an effective leader and use the skills I learned to help improve the company I work for.

Helyse Turner
Business & Community Liaison / Sierra Nevada Job Corps

It helped to hone leadership skills and communication styles. The program creates a safe environment to challenge fears in a fun way. It gave me the opportunity to break through fears and identify strengths.

Karina Johnson
Account Executive / Chase International

I had the pleasure of attending his Leadership Seminar. I strongly recommend Jeffrey and Breakthrough Traning and highly suggest contacting him to see how he can make you better as well.

Kevin Annis
Broker / Tamaera Commercial Brokerage

Thank you for all of the past years of training, they are still being used (even in a new and completely different profession)! Jeff, you are the best!

Pamela Hyde
Owner / 28 Flowers Photography

I was really happy to learn about how to achieve goals. Having a guideline to get you there was extremely helpful. I now have it as part of my tool kit. It was great for me.

Jen Jocim
HR Generalist / Reliable Management Systems


With over 3,500 presentations delivered Jeffrey Benjamin has a proven track record. Breakthrough Training™ was founded 30 years ago in Reno, Nevada by Jeffrey Benjamin with a focus on action, not theory. That’s why Breakthrough Training™ corporate training programs are centered on practicing the behaviors and habits that lead to more personal and organizational productivity. We don’t use PowerPoint presentations or boring lectures. We utilize audience participation to make the information impactful, relevant and engaging.

Jeffrey’s obsession with personal development started 30 years ago, and has led to creating a company that is focused on not just information, but application of information. Action is the final element of success!

As the co-author in the best-selling book series Real Life Habits for Success® and a contributing author in the book, The Sleeping Giant: The Awakening of the Self Employed Entrepreneur, Jeffrey has had the privilege of delivering over 3,500 presentations to audiences from Asia, Europe, North America, South America and the Middle East.

Jeffrey’s habits for success have been featured on over 500 radio and television shows. Breakthrough Training™ is an employee leadership development, team building training and communication skills training company that has worked with diverse industry clients including construction, manufacturing, finance, healthcare, education, real estate, hospitality and non-profit.

Breakthrough Training™ has a proven track record working with hundreds of companies and tens of thousands of people to produce results. That’s why we offer a 100% Money-Back Guarantee!

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